Final Project Proposal

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1.                                                             Suwandi                            Vedro                                              2201798093      

Class                                        : L2AC                                                Name of Lecturer(s)         : Mr. Raymond Bahana
Major                                      : Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction
Title of Assignment          : Construct 2 Final project proposal


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Type of Assignment          : Paper                                                 Date and Time of Visit      : –
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Due Date                                : 09-04-2019                                     Submission Date                 : 09-04-2019



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1                                                                                        Vedro Suwandi







The purpose of this project is to fulfill the requirement for final project of Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction in my second semester. This project is created using construct 2 that developed by Scirra.


Explanation of the project

This project’s team consist of: Ricky Anderson Ricco, Eris Suryaputra and Vedro Suwandi.

In this project, we are going to make a game with the space theme war that consist of the spaceship and the alien ship that can be shot by using a various gun provided by the game that we’re making .


The spaceship(Player / user) can move to all direction depending on the user as the ship shooting automatically since the enemy’s ship is keep closing to the player , if the enemy keep closing and collide with the player’s life will decreased and of course the life is limited and after it reaches zero it will be game over. Since the level of the game is keep increasing as the game process, as the level is keep increasing the harder the level will become. Before advances to the next level, the Boss needs to be destroyed to clear the level. Sometimes the enemy will drop some item for the player to be use.

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